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 As we offer many different products, we find it best to communicate before we ask for a payment method. As you move forward with this process we would like to show you that here at Ink by Envy we are very difference from our competition.


  We like to start off understanding your needs and wants as we bring the best experience to you. We want you to be happy with your website the first time not the 50th time. Weather your in need of a complete branding package or just a simple custom build we are here to bring the best to your customers browsers.



Looking to bring your site to the 22nd Century? Then look no further! We offer custom websites with a modern touch. We are a fully custom web builder using all the latest HTML, PHP and Java coding. All of your websites come mobile optimized so that you can an will be found when someone searches you on their phone.


It is very important to have a mobile site in todays world when 85% of the population is searching on their phones. And in recent months Google has changed how you will pull up in Google if someone searches you on their phone and when you do not have a mobile friendly site you will be pushed to the bottom of that list.


Our goal is to bring your site back to live so that everyone is able to see everything you have to offer and what they are missing out! Let us build your custom site today!


We do it all here at a very reasonable prices:


•  HTML (Startup) -$600

    • This is great for the new comer or someone that just needs a simple new website. This package is also great for those aspiring Artists.

                -    This package comes with:

        • A Custom Design Website
        • 5 Pages of content
        • 1-on-1 Consultation
        • 1 Contact Form
        • 2 GB of Storage


    • A The Professional Packages is an ELITE offer for those that are seeking more! With everything include from the Startup and the Business, the Professional offers so much more!!
      • This package includes:
        • 10+ Pages of content
        • Unlimited Storage
        • Unlimited Contact Forms
          • All Device Platforms*
          • In Browser Editing (for those that want a back end)*
        • Blog Setup
        • SEO Keywords *


* In Browser Editing offers limited editing, and will not work with all web hosting providers.

* SEO Keywords = search engine optimization.

* fee may increase if the project contains poor images quality.



Ink by Envy  was founded in March of 2012. The company was set up based on custom products for web and graphics,  fair pricing, high quality customer service and beautiful designs.


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